Our Approach

Cornerstone Structures is passionate about innovation and has armed its employees with the best software available. While we strive to add efficiency where at all possible, we're also mindful of the saturation that currently exists in the software solutions market and we're careful of bogging down the process with unnecessary activity. 

Cornerstone Structures uses Procore for project management tasks, reducing administrative time and allowing clients and design teams to collaborate. We use MS Project for scheduling, Bluebeam for managing pdf's and markups/annotations, Dropbox for file storage and sharing, Sketchup for VDC (see below), and Quickbooks Enterprise as our accounting platform. 

Visual Design Coordination

Cornerstone believes in the the value of incorporating 3D modeling into GC-side workflows. Cornerstone uses this modeling to sequence demolition and construction activities, coordinate tight and complex spaces, and aid in the RFI/Submittal process.